Executive Chat is a highly secure mobile communications platform built especially for Executives of top companies.


Why do Executives need highly secure communication platforms for work?


More than 50% of companies have already experienced some sort of data breach due to the use of insecure mobile devices.

The use of personal mobile devices at work has rocketed over the past two years, with nearly half of IT executives noting that related security incidents cost their organizations over $250,000 according to Check Point.

More than 10% of Asia-Pacific companies reported over 20 breaches, compared to just above 1% of North American and 4% of UK enterprises reporting more than 20 breaches.

Average data breach costs a company nearly
$ 3,8 million.*


* Ponemon Institute, the 10th annual Cost of Data Breach Study

Are you sure your communication is 100% secure?


Data kept in a vault

  • Dedicated private servers hosted on AWS cloud
  • Customers have full control and access of all infrastructure components
  • Optional web application firewall and intrusion detection / prevention systems

Only you have the key

  • All messages and files are encrypted via AES-256
  • A unique encryption key is generated for each message and file
  • All encryption keys are managed by a separate, dedicated key management server

What our clients are saying

As smartphone use in the workplace peaks, business leaders, through Eko, have an unprecedented opportunity to transform the way they communicate and collaborate with their colleagues.
— Chartsiri Sophonpanich President, Bangkok Bank (23,000 staff)
It’s the only secure environment where I can communicate with my team, or ad-hoc selected team members on a certain topic. Un-like Line, in which people can invite others, I have confidence that outsiders cannot join into company confidential communication. It allows staff / managers to hear from top management directly without messages being diluted as they go through management layers. It’s an impressive app.
— Carl Goodier, TRUE Group Chief Customer Service Office

Impossibly secure.

Totally yours.

Exclusively for top Executives.